Time for a self-imposed pantry/freezer challenge?

by spiceaholic on November 1, 2009

Twice now in the past week I have pulled something out from the pantry to use for dinner and found that it expired in early 2008.  Luckily those dinner plans weren’t ruined, but it got me thinking what other expired delights lurked in my pantry, cabinets, and freezer.

As I’ve mentioned before, I actually like grocery shopping.  Really.  I also tend to get carried away when I go and come home with more than I’d planned on and have had to creatively rearrange the contents of the freezer to get everything in.  I think I have an Old Mother Hubbard complex of some kind where my pantry, cabinets, and freezer must be replenished every week.

But all this really does is move more stuff to the back to be forgotten about and ends up wasting food and money.

Like pretty much everyone else, we’re trying to watch our expenses and this might be one of the more painless ways to trim some budgetary fat.  Plus it’ll hopefully inspire some culinary creativity!

If you’ve done this before, I’d love to hear what you did and if it worked!

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Iris November 2, 2009 at 6:19 am

Last Spring, I found something on the freezer I had no idea what it was. It was a piece of meat, and that’s all I could tell. Since I’m on a very tight budget, I took immediate action and checked everything I had there (I took the chance to clean the freezer) and tried to use up everything before I shopped any more frozen things.
It was interesting to notice how I managed to make great things out of those frozen things without thinking much.

Since my freezer has 4 drawers, I can separate meat from vegetables, fish and precooked meals so it makes it easier than the 1 drawer freezers.

I am also very fond of shopping weekly so when I put anything in the freezer/pantry/fridge, I try to put older products in front and new products on the back, so I use the old ones first or think of something to use them up.

Until now I haven’t had any forgotten can, food or unknown food in the freezer so it works very well for me ^^

spiceaholic November 2, 2009 at 9:34 pm

Iris — that’s a great idea about putting the old stuff in front, might have to start doing that!

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