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by spiceaholic on October 24, 2009

Yay for having weekends back!  I’ve been looking forward to all the things I can do again, like having a life!  🙂

Last night I met my friend for dinner at Copeland’s for book-club.  As usual we discussed the book for like 5 minutes and then moved on to just hanging out.  To be honest, book club hasn’t really been happening the past few months.  It’s really just the two of us that take it seriously — we have a couple friends who join us every now and then but usually don’t end up reading the book.  Yeah, I called you on it!  I think we need to look into joining an existing one — Mr. Spice found one on Meetup.com in Smyrna called the HindiBIndiLit that sounds right up our alley — South Asian authors and books.  We shall see.

Today the same friend and I are going to see Paranormal Activity.  We are too chicken to see it at night!  We had also talked about going to a haunted corn maze or a haunted house, but I think the movie will have enough scares for us for one day!

Tomorrow Mr. Spice and I have a wedding to go — it’s a friend and former coworker’s wedding and I’ve been looking forward to it because I’ve never attended a Korean wedding!

So as you can see, my social events card has been filling up fast.  No complaints here!

Before I head out, one more thing:


Yup, that’s today’s lunch!  As I was putting it together, Mr. Spice came downstairs to the kitchen and gave me a “what the hell, woman??” look.  Yeah, I know it looks like a 5-year old’s lunch.  And yeah, it’s Saturday so I don’t need to pack a lunch.  But whatever, it made me happy to do it.

I found the cutest Halloween pasta at World Market a couple weeks ago, so I made some the other night and mixed some of it with Tostitos spicy queso dip for a faux mac & cheese.  Then I steamed some broccoli, heated up a chicken andouille sausage, and packed some strawberries to round it all out.

Now I’m off to enjoy my lovely lunch and get ready to be scared later this afternoon.

Have a great weekend!

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