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by spiceaholic on August 4, 2010

Just popping in for a midweek post!

After some weekend indulgences, it’s time to pay the piper . . .

Breakfast is my usual — I’m so glad I switched back to the light english muffins.  Now the cheese doesn’t run off the bread, but instead melts nicely into the nooks and crannies.  This is the last of my hot and spicy Morningstar Farms breakfast sausage patties.  I bought a gigantor box of the regular ones at Costco this weekend, so I’m well stocked for a few weeks!

The great thing about this breakfast is that it tastes good and it lasts me until lunch.  I love food with staying power.

Speaking of which, I noticed a huge difference in my satiety levels today after my lunch.

I’ve been doing sandwiches and chips for lunch for the majority of the past few weeks, and while it tastes good, it just doesn’t last me as long and I find myself constantly hungry throughout the afternoon.  Combine that with the longer hours I’ll be working the next couple months and post-work workouts a few days during the week, and it’s obvious I need to do some strategic snacking and meal planning.

Today I brought some leftover chicken and broccoli and teamed it up with pre-cooked brown rice and spinach to make a hot and filling meal.  I also packed a small salad and fresh fruit for dessert.  Focusing on whole foods and fresh veggies made so much difference in how I felt afterward.   I wasn’t hungry and I wasn’t bloated, I felt just right.  I always feel best when I eat like this, yet somehow it feels like it takes more effort to eat like this.

This lunch was a total winner and I didn’t feel so ravenous this afternoon.  I had planned on having a small apple with natural peanut butter for my snack, but I wasn’t hungry for it.  Instead, I really wanted an iced latte, so I got a sugar-free iced hazelnut latte around 5 to help me push through the last bit of the evening.

I was supposed to go exercise after work today and had my clothes ready to go, but I’d been having a headache and stomach ache for part of the afternoon and decided to skip it.  Once I got home, despite my iffy stomach, I really wanted some home-cooked Bangla food, so I went for it.  I made white chicken curry and khichuri and it so hit the spot.

Instead of using basmati rice I used regular long-grain white rice in the khichuri and I don’t like how it came out.  I keep forgetting the rice to water ratios are different for regular rice compared with basmati rice.  So today’s khichuri was on the gloppy side, whereas I like it on the dry side.  I stirred in some baby spinach at the end to wilt it and liked the color it added.

I admit to having seconds, but I think of it this way — I filled up on good, whole foods and I’m not snacking on junk after dinner.

Now while today everything worked out well, I can’t guarantee every day after this will.  Like I said before, I have some strategic planning to do so that I can get through the upcoming fall tax deadlines with plenty of energy and minimal weight gain.

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Theresa August 4, 2010 at 11:24 pm

I agree, eating healthy seems to take more planning to me too. But it feels like I really accomplished something when I actually do plan and cook good food for a whole day (which is shamefully rare). Looks like you had a yummo day!

I should try more protein at breakfast — but I don’t really like breakfast sausage. :/ Is there a veg patty you think is good?

spiceaholic August 5, 2010 at 8:49 pm

I usually use the vegetarian sausage patties in my sandwich — try Morningstar Farms brand.

Theresa August 7, 2010 at 1:44 pm

Thanks! I didn’t realize your breakfast staple was a vegetarian sausage. Will have to try it!

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