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by spiceaholic on January 26, 2010

I hope  I didn’t offend anybody yesterday when I was talking about my “cupcakes” yesterday!  🙂

Day 2 of getting up early to work out!  I did a different Walk Away the Pounds dvd (don’t ask how many I have) and then tried one of the workouts from the Biggest Loser – Cardio Max dvd.  In case you don’t know,  I have a sick obsession with buying workout dvds and then letting them languish unused.

Breakfast was a little twist on the usual:

Boca Chick'n Patty sandwich - 1/26/10

I used a Boca Chick’n patty instead of my usual veggie sausage patty. I was too lazy to dig in the freezer for the box of sausage patties and I had one of the chick’n patties ready to go on a side shelf in the freezer. Did I mention I might have gone a little crazy at Publix last night? They had Morningstar products buy one, get one free, so I stocked up on veggie sausage patties, black bean burgers, and buffalo “wings.”

I had packed my lunch but at the last minute my friend Kelly suggested we meet for lunch at this place called Mo Mo Ya/Lee’s Golden Buddha, which is a Japanese restaurant at one end and a Chinese restaurant at the other. We chose Chinese for lunch.

Hot & sour soup - 1/26/10

Garlic Chicken - 1/26/10

Started off with some hot & sour soup (that wasn’t that spicy) and then got a lunch order of garlic chicken with steamed rice. I totally ate the whole thing.

For my afternoon snack, I finally got around to eating that Oikos honey yogurt and blueberries.

Oikos honey yogurt - 1/26/10

Blueberries - 1/26/10

Oh man, was this good! I added some splenda and cinnamon to it all and happily ate it up.

Since I ended up using more points than I had planned for at lunch, I decided to try to keep dinner on the light side. I used some of the leftover chicken from the other night to make a quesadilla. Here it is ready to go:

quesadilla part 1 - 1/26/10

I used a LaTortilla Factory low-carb tortilla (this thing was ginormous and only 80 calories!), the chicken, some shredded cheddar jack cheese, salsa, and some green bell pepper.

And here’s what it ended up looking like:

quesadilla part 2 - 1/26/10

I apparently suck at making quesadillas, since the filling kept plopping out when I flipped it over in the pan. But it tasted good, so that’s what matters.

Kinda feel like eating a little something else now, so might go for one of those Fiber One cupcakes again.

Good night!

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Biz January 26, 2010 at 11:27 pm

That quesadilla looks amazing!!

sophia January 26, 2010 at 11:49 pm

Wow, you just reminded me that I haven’t had hot and sour soup in forever. Will have to change that!
Loving all that cheese in the quesadilla!

Chrysta January 27, 2010 at 7:33 pm

awesome looking quesadilla. I absolutely love some good chinese foods. Totally hits the spot once in awhile. Have a great day!

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